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Solving common eREPS Issues

You can get a document describing steps to take to resolve the most common issues (Java, cookies, Javascript etc) that occur in eREPS by clicking here

Cannot Run eREPS? - Run the eREPS Checker Page

If you are trying to access eREPS for the first time from a PC that hasn’t previously run eREPS then you may encounter some problems.  These problems are usually as a result of the PC not being correctly set-up for eREPS.  Typical problems that result from a PC not being ready for eREPS include the following:


  • Inability to create a new plan
  • Maps are not displayed
  • Unable to edit and save maps    

To help you in tracking down the cause of the problem, please use the eREPS compatibility checker page to help determining if your PC is correctly configured for eREPS.  The checker page is available by clicking here.  The screen will take a few moments to display as it checks your PC so be a little patient.  When it displays you should see seven checkmarks in green table rows representing the seven checks that take place.  If any of these are not green and don’t display a checkmark then this highlights an area that needs to be correctly before eREPS will run properly.

Password Resets

Requests from users who have forgotten their password should be referred to REPS Section in Johnstown Castle using the e-mail address repstraining@agriculture.gov.ie

New Private Planners - Registration Form Here

Private Planners who are not registered to use eREPS but and now wish to register should print off the registration form, fill in the required details, sign the declaration and return the completed form to Michael O’Sullivan.